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Tom Johnson

Tom’s career spans over 25 years. He graduated in 1991 with an Honours degree in Music and Video Business, from the prestigious Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.
While developing his skills Tom worked with world class acts, engineers, producers and crew. He worked the live stage circuit for many years before focusing on studio work and production. Working extensively in both Phoenix, Arizona and Tampa Bay, Florida, studio sound and engineering kept him busy before affairs of the heart drew him to our shores in 2004. Tom has recorded 100’s of artists and bands over the years, and is always ready to help with a project.
Tom is a lifelong musician specializing on the drums. He has been a drummer since he was 5 years old and has played 100’s of gigs and been in countless bands. Today he is currently drumming in The Fare Evaders. A band of friends who have a great time. He also is a hired gun in the studio to help with projects. yes he can do both!